Friday, January 30, 2009

Two for the price of one

Day 11 & 12

12 days in a row with a completed game.

The Wednesday game 1/28/09

Battlefield: Bad Company: First I will answer a question. 975 is the max in Battlefield. The game was released June 23, 2008, over 7 months ago. The I am Bad Company achievement is glitched. One of the online awards will not unlock, The Wild Card: Top Squad Wild Card. 975 is the max for everybody at the moment and therefore a completed game. If someone has this achievement, they hacked it. Okay, enough about all that. 5d, 23hr, 44min, 34sec later this game is a completed one. That is online play time folks. I love this game, one of my favorite MP games ever. If you like huge maps and blowing stuff up, this is your game. I did most of my damage on foot, I never maned the helicopter enough to get it down. I could go on and on about this game because I have 150 hours worth of memories. I hope a sequel is being made, I can't wait to see what they come up with next.

Final achievement obtained in BF:BC

This move will be forever known as " The Omega"

The Thursday game 1/29/09

Pirates vs Ninjas Dodge ball: A waste of time if your not going for gamerscore. It's a good thing it only takes about 3 hours for the full 200.

Final achievment obtained in Pirates vs Ninjas

Complete a game a day streak stands at: 12


  1. Your Battlefield is like my CoD 4 lol except I have spent 15 days on lol. But nice job on 12 days.

    Time to hit that 15 mark.

  2. i also love battlefield i just got the "ooh-rah" achievement today, u have any tips for the "theres no i in squad" ? cant get it, but yeah awesome game i only played like 1 day and 13 hours, but ill continue to play! :D

  3. Yo, Dawg.

    I thought you hacked the full 1,000 in BF:BC already. Telling by all your guides on how to do it, you'd think you would have 1,000 in it yourself.

  4. Im pretty sure that thing isnt glitched because several people have that achievement that aren't banned. It is, however, stupidly hard.

  5. No, its glitched. 100% positive. They just haven't got banned yet.

    If you think someone rightly obtained the achievement you can check their online stats here:

    Click on leaderboard, enter the gamertag, then scroll to the bottom. You can see kills and such.

  6. Just tried it on a few people that have 1,000 in the game. They haven't even logged a single game online. IT comes up with invalid tag. So I spent 150 hours to get 975 and they spent mintues getting 1,000. Go them.