Friday, January 23, 2009

Streak kept a-rollin' all night long With a "achieve!", and "ho!"

Day 5
Gamerscore ho that is.

Fifth game down. The Thursday game 1/22/09

Lord of The Rings: Conquest
: Simply put, not many games out that are as easy as this one. Takes roughly 6 hours to get the full 1,000 points. Campaign taking only a few hours. I enjoyed playing the evil campaign, that is when I started having fun with the game. Not a bad game, should not make any top 10 worst lists, but then again, that's because it is completely forgettable.

Final achievement obtained in LoTR: Conquest

Streak Recap:
Sunday: Smackdown Vs Raw 09
Monday: Feeding Frenzy 2
Tuesday: Interpol
Wednesday: Gears of War 2
Thursday: LoTR: Conquest

A completed game a day streak stands at: 5