Sunday, January 11, 2009

Losing a few steps

March 31st 2007 100,000 achieved
March 3rd 2008 200,000 achieved
300,00 achieved????

Last year at this exact time I had 180,000
. At the moment, I'm about 6,000 behind my previous pace. My pace is about 100,000 every 11-12 months. To reach a total of 100,000 for this year, I'll have to make a wild sprint to the finish. I just don't know if I will make it to 300,000 within a year. Even if I get a reasonable, consistent, 2,000 points per week, I will end up crossing 300,000 in 14 weeks. That would be sometime in late April.

This is actually quite surprising to me, I thought I was on pace. I guess it was my lack of production over the last two months. That gamerscore league I was in and the day that will never be topped by myself wore me out.

To get back on pace is much harder than anyone could imagine, it really will be. Expect me to be extra happy if I do make it on time, because I already know it will be a hard challenge.

Mark March 3rd on your calender. It will be the day when you can either call me a washed up gamerscore whore or a person who accomplished something that was a challenge. For anybody that thinks this is easy, get 274,000 points legit by yourself and then make up challenges to drive yourself. It is a draining experience at times, but this is the life and the road to 1milliongamerscore.


  1. Hey, just found your blog, im currently aiming for 100k by the end of 2009, (only 15k atm). Also noticed your playing Guitar Hero World Tour, I've heard that u can complete expert by singing lol. Good luck with the 300k :)

  2. teach mw how to gamesace please go here, stallion is the admin of that site

  3. i mean =)

  4. Good Luck, U will make it

  5. 300k is nothing for a man of your skills, psssshhhhh! Like a walk in the park.

    Frankly if I hit 175k this year I'll be damn happy.


  6. Ha..Stallion doesnt have anything to do with consolejunkies. It's the idiot Sneaky Condor who has been reset 2x. look at his gamerscore chart @360voice. After his first reset he gamesaved/glitched 24k in one day.

  7. soo umm when you hit 1 mill does it mean you get laid? or a million dollars? or a show on MTV with tilla, perez and chris crocker? the other internet rejects

  8. Ever since that bullshit x3h/consoleheroes gsl, I have been missing my score whore mojo.

  9. Speedygonzales3003January 16, 2009 at 6:08 PM

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  11. 100% yer i looked up ur acheivements on leaderboard an u got games up dere twice wots dat bwt bit sad getttin 1million gamerscore if u ask me

  12. What the hell does "wots dat bwt bit sad" mean?

  13. hahaha I was thinking the same thing.
    I think the english translation is:
    What's that by the way? It's a bit sad getting 1 million game score if you ask me.

    Yeah... I miss the english language too :-(

  14. The 360 Voice website still has a virus which my Avira AntiVir Personal 8 recognizes and which has been mentioned on their own developer blog:

  15. Another idiot who keeps cheating is Cerealkiller5
    His new gamertag is Ed E Nigma