Sunday, January 18, 2009

The good, the bad, and the glitched

First off is my personal glitch list. Some others may have had these glitch on them, but these are not entirely glitched achievements that everyone experiences.

Short Stick Master Achievement in Tiger Woods 06 (50 gamerscore points)

If you don't get this one within the first couple of games, you are screwed.

50 Ranked wins Achievement in Fatal Fury Special (20 gamerscore points)

Somehow this one managed to glitch, I have 100 wins achievement, but not 50.

Chancellor of Catan Achievement in Catan (20 gamerscore points)

I'm 95% sure this one is glitched for me.

Idol Master: Live for you. One achievement glitched on me. The description is in Japanese, but it has something to do with the 13th song. Very strange glitch that never updated but it is listed as unlocked if I bring it up from MY guide. (20 gamerscore points)

Notice 48 of 48 and the highlighted achievement. Never updated to

Glitches that everyone experiences

Enchanted Arms- Asia version. Cannot unlock the final 3 achievements.
Achievements are Happy ending 150pts-close-75pts-Purgatory-75pts
(300 gamerscore points)

NHL 2k7 Revenge achievement, which is score penalty shot (50 gamerscore points)

NHL 2k8 Revenge achievement....again. Same thing. This time worth (40 gamerscore points)

Smash TV Game Master achievement. Which is finish the entire game without continuing.
(50 gamerscore points)

College Hoops 2k7 Individual record breaker 25pts-Team record breaker 25pts-Conquered Legacy 25pts (75 gamerscore points)

Tiger Woods 06 Play some online 10pts-Number 1 200pts (210 gamerscore points)

The Club PC contains two glitched achievements, which are, bag them bones and hidden treasures. Both worth 30 gamerscore points. (60 gamerscore points)

Need for Speed Carbon Urban battle achievement worth (10 gamerscore points)

Battlefield: Bad Company I am Bad Company achievement for getting all 120 online awards. (25 gamerscore points)

Total amount of glitched points: 930 gamerscore

This can be very annoying at times, but it happens to the best of us.

Score whores, Score whores
Whatcha gonna do, whatcha gonna do
When an achievement glitches on you


  1. Thanks for the heads up on all those games Stallion. Its weird out of all those games those are the ones I never played.

  2. None of these should be a problem for you to obtain since you know how to hack

  3. "None of these should be a problem for you to obtain since you know how to hack"

    Lol Shit like that always makes me laugh. If he really knew how to hack, this list wouldn't exist. Come on man, it's common sense.

  4. He makes lists like this to fool us into thinking he's legit =P

    (I'm KIDDING) =)

  5. I believe Catan will glitch if your 1000th victory point is a two-pointer such as longest road or longest army, bringing you from 999 to 1001.

    I am trying to get a group of 4 together to finish the game - I have the people just need to pick a time. I know it can be done in one really long game (see achieve360points).

    As for Fatal Fury Special, my boosting partner never got the 100 win achievement although I got 200/200 just fine.

  6. In Catan The Statesman of Catan achievement might be glitched also (I don't have it and I played Catan quite some time).

    In GTAIV I can't complete the campaign, because in one mission I can't find the last dude to kill and in another one I can't find the person I'm supposed to snipe.

  7. Just for the record, I got the two glitched The Club PC achievements, even though doesn't always recognize them in my Gamerscore, I think its just the retail disk that's glitched, I got mine off of the Games for Windows Marketplace and I think the Steam version and the one directly from Sega is good too.