Monday, January 19, 2009

A completed game a day keeps the doctor away: Day 2

Day 2

Second game down: The Monday game. 1/19/2009

Feeding Frenzy 2: Easy 200 gamerscore points to be had here. Takes around 6 hours total and nothing about it is hard. For me, it is a relaxing game. Just sit back and eat the bigger fish. A very colorful game, I'm sure younger kids would enjoy it, looks similar to Finding Nemo. I enjoyed this one, I recommend it if you enjoyed the first one.

No Sam Jackson's were harmed during the course of this game. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for A Mother F****** Shark Ate me on XBLA sometime in near future. With co-op munching of the spleen of course.

Complete a game a day steak stands at: 2


  1. Haha, funny clip. You should probably save Ninjas v Pirates Dball for tomorrow so you can keep that streak alive.

  2. What lol!! I'm up for anything really! I just want to play with you guys!! I need to play a MP game or I'm gonna go insane!! i thought you can only do BF:BC with 4 people :/ I think we need slots open for players :/