Monday, January 19, 2009

A completed game a day keeps the doctor away

Day 1

Since the calender turned I have been one sickly person. Each and everyday I have been sick. From just common cold symptoms, headaches, sensitive to light and sound, and the day I thought my appendix was going to rupture. I am finally starting to feel better and to keep myself feeling good I'm going to complete some games and get back on track. I think fulfillment is good medicine.

So, I made up a new goal for this week that will help me get towards my mini goal of 300k. I want to complete one game everyday for the entire week. I will try to keep the streak alive after the week is up, but I have no clue how long or how far I'm willing to go. I feel pretty good about farming points, I haven't felt this way in months.

First game down. The Sunday game completed. 1/18/2009

Smackdown VS RAW 2009 The game is really easy to get the full 1,000 in, it just takes around 10 hours to get the final achievement. Which is getting 5 superstars into the hall of fame. Overall the game takes about 15 to 18 hours. More than half of that time being a bore. Cindy made it fun at times by screaming, "hit him, kick him in the nuts, smash him with the ladder." Not a terrible game, just not fun acquiring all achievements.

When I say completed games, I mean all achievements in a game. Whether it be retail or arcade.

Complete a game a day streak stands at: Uno


  1. thanks for the great tutorial at this site by you stallion

    i got 1k in battlefield bc, thanks to you, you showed me how to get it

  2. Good luck maintaining the streak... If I can complete even 2 games in a month, that was a good month LOL.

    Would you count "re-completing" games for the streak? I don't know if you've done Fallout 3 yet, but finishing the DLC could keep you going through a tough day,

  3. It will be really impressive if you keep this streak.

    Hope you do it Stallion.