Thursday, January 29, 2009

All your messages are belong to me

Ever wonder what it is like being my xbox live inbox? Wonder no more.

xX T3h Joker Xx writes:
i can get u banned anytime you know. i have proof of you cheating. on your blog

Answer: You again? Don't test me fool. I'll block you faster than Dikembe Mutombo.

mclinton92 writes:
haha. i think there should be an achievement list about your life. 20g to get onto your blog, 100g to get on your friends list. being reading your blog, good stuff dude. keep up the good work, and for all the americans who think you gamesave?puck em.

Answer: Achievement Unlocked. 20 points for you Sir.

RockingSteven34 writes: i beat i can kick your ass in halo 3 and if u wanna prove me wrong send me a message an we will face

Answer: I bet my dad could beat your dad up! Why don't you play a real mans game like My horse and me 2. Anytime, anyplace, Nubcookie.

SIELNT GAZ writes: your like a best gamer around. how the hell are you recreational? your hardcore underground turbo gamer lol

Answer: I'm recreational. I don't take online gaming too serious, I just play to have fun. Don't get me wrong I love to win, but I don't have to play with the best gamers and I don't scream at people when they mess up. Pro gamers tend to do that kind of thing or people that think they are pro.

OnEdEcK writes: STALLION! you are a trooper! how many hits you get on your site?.. i think your an official celeb now! Keep popin! see you in the next OK! mag then.

Much Love OnEdEcK

A lot more than I ever expected. Started out with around 200-300 unique people a day to now over 1,000 unique a day.

SPaSTiC LlaMA writes: I am intrested in buying your account well above of what you might think. I am prepared to give you $15,000 for Stallion83. Email me at if your intrested.

Answer: I took out this guys email address. But sorry man, I'm not willing to part ways with my gamertag. 50 grand is a serious offer, but I don't even think that would be enough.

Lucky10ace writes:
im callin cheat on your gamerscore. 1000 on fallout3? with all the side missions that would take easily over 50 hours not to mention achievements for good bad and neutral karma.Played through 3 times? doubt it cheater

Correction. If you save the game before you hit a karma level achievement you can walk different paths. So no, you don't have to play it three times. I can't remember my exact play time but it was around the 40 hour mark.

SkorpionMandl writes: kannst du mich bitte einlade

Answer: This can't be good.

JFriZz0424 writes: i dont judge but do you consider yourself a gamer? running through on games. like for example if it wasnt for gamer score would you play cars? or avatar? maybe if your a young kid but if you are woudl you play the violent games on top of that?
2nd message: i dont care what your doing it just confuuses me why waste the time on games you wouldnt enjoy but hey what ever floats your boat man good luck

Answer: No I wouldn't play avatar or cars if there were no achievements. I like getting achievements, whats so hard to understand about that? Some people like to collect stamps, but who am I to judge?

A 2rue boofer writes: hey stallion Funny story last night my friends were in a quantom of solace match and they were like dude why isnt this stallion guy playing and I was like wait stallion83 and they said yes I was like omg dude he is ranked number 1 in the world in gs
2nd message: then they screamed like little girls and took pictures hahah heres the link to one of my friends pictures hope you like it and you are a gaming legend to me :)

Answer: haha. When you first sent me this I was hoping they were all standing by my character in the match, while someone else took the picture. Funny stuff though.

King Zango07 writes: Hey man great job on the gscore....quick question thogh i read the negative stuff on 1milliopgamerscore and what is gamesaving.I've never heard of it b4 and my friends tell me i play bitch games cuz i have more completed than they do.good luck on1mil

Answer: Thanks. Gamesaving is basically when a person takes someone elses save file and uses it as there own to unlock achievements. A save spot right before an achievement unlocks. Gamesaving is not Stallion approved, it is dirty and cheap.

Fai1 B0at Frank writes: just wondering is there any game on your gamercard that you played for fun not achivments iam just curios

Answer: Of course my man, I've been gaming since I was 4. I like to game and I like the achievements.

SensitiveWog writes: u have the highest gamerscore in the world.ur my hero,i love u :)

Answer: My birthday is coming up soon. Send Microsoft points! XOXO

El Ja50n 14 UK1 writes: how u get that high score can u get me 45806

Answer: You are on the right path. Think in blocks of 45,806, thats key.

Dikon67 writes: You played a cricket game and your American? Wow! Never knew they even sold cricket games in America haha. Grats on the gamerscore and nice blog.

Answer: Thanks. No, they don't sell that crap here. It was a mistake on my part playing that junk. I own a PAL 360.

SIayton writes: Where did you get your Gamertag from?

Answer: I love the Rocky movies. ItalianStallion.

Lord Jim 545 writes: If you get to 1,000,000 gamerscore, are you going to stop?

Answer: I have no clue, we'll see what happens.

DAMO RAM80 writes: Hi there, just wanted to stay what a legend you are. I don't think people understand fully what you have accomplished. Its taken me ages to get to 50k :( Oh yeah Get some more points in viva pinata its an easy game :P Good luck buddy!!!!!

Answer: Thanks man. I know viva is easy, I'm just waiting on apple sauce to send me some crates filled with candy goodness.

DarkTemptation5 writes: where did u get your gamerpicture from? i like it

Answer: It's a free gamerpicture. It is from the HBO TV show Entourage. Watch it.


  1. apple sauce better be sending me some candy crate goodness too.

  2. "I bet my dad could beat your dad up! Why don't you play a real mans game like My horse and me 2. Anytime, anyplace, Nubcookie."

    Haha... wow. Way to show him. Wonder if he went and looked up the game to see if it was any good.

  3. You'll both have your candy crates in due time. :p

  4. I just translated that German message. I agree, doesn't sound good XD

    kannst du mich bitte einlade translates to:

    you can do me please invite

  5. haha i love reading these messages :) Glad its you and not me:)

  6. Answer: I bet my dad could beat your dad up! Why don't you play a real mans game like My horse and me 2. Anytime, anyplace, Nubcookie.

    That made me laugh.

    I like when you make these type of blogs.

  7. LOL at that Fallout 3 comment.

    Is that his best idea of attempting to get incriminating evidence against you.

    Everyone knows about reload your save trick!

  8. As one of the faithful 1000, I can say most of the reason I read your blog is for the inbox posts... those crazy germans are always making me laugh. Keep up the good work.

  9. haha...liked the Mutombo comment. Remember to do the finger wag after the block!

  10. you can do me please invite is a lot scarier than the translation I came up with, "Can you please add me"

  11. your freakin awesome thats all im guna say

  12. I love your blog man, this post esp!

    I just have one question, and I know its gonna make me look stupid, but what is a PAL console?

  13. Hey dude, think your awesome, do have my Doubts as to shear amount of GS you have, which you can understand. Err wondering if you could add me because I'm getting loads of assholes lately think the games you play are sweet and its a wicked encyclopedia of achievements also just Wanna have good time gaming and with gamerscore I was never really interested but have been lately and have 14427 or something like that lol lot less digits than yours and I've played around 25 games and am achieving them up slowly but my GT is Yorkie 1993 and think it would be cool to play with you lol or against you

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