Sunday, January 4, 2009

All your messages are belong to me

Ever wonder what it is like being my xbox live inbox? Wonder no more.

SCUMB4G writes: Thanks for helping me go legit. I was big in the gamesaving scene, but you and former gamesaver Doadea pretty much convinced me to stop gamesaving, with your posts on x360a. Gamesaving is for losers, and is a waste of time!
2nd message: This is my new gamertag, and its 100% legit. I spent way too much time and money not even playing games, but just cheating them. Thanks for helping.

Answer: If you are being sincere then I am happy for you, I'm glad you are enjoying yourself now.

XxJafyxX writes: ciao, ti ho visto su e ho visto la tua scheda giocatore. per fare 270000 punti non basta una vita. ma come diavolo hai fatto? e i giochi li hai o li noleggi? XD

Answer: No comprehenda.

Bananaster80 writes: You should sell t-shirts on the say "This is a Stallion that can't be rode"Good Luck getting 100,000 Gamerscore Ill be rooting for you every step of the way, also is that your Girlfriend or who is that in your twitter pic?

Answer: YEE HAW. I like it. Yeah, that's my girlfriend.

uG x JuiCeBoX writes: ya your totally legit--i love how u hav eragon on there twice
2nd message: and bulletwitch tsktsk
3rd message: stop appearing offline doosh

Answer: I'm the only person in the history of gamerscore and gamercards to have two of any game on my card. I'm also the only person to ever appear offline, so thankfully you don't have to send 2 million more people the message "stop appearing offline doosh"

SS Manson Rules writes: Jordan=GOAT

Answer: I can't argue with that. I'm just in the Kobe is just as good as Jordan section. If we are judging the history of basketball on skills, it is Jordan and Kobe, then everyone else. Wilt is the most dominating force ever. The game was different then and he didn't have the overall skills that MJ and KB have.

Kamakazi Pear writes: Hey, I read all your blogs etc and I must say, I'm bloody impressed. I wish you the best of luck on one million gamerscore, and if you can accept my friends request, it would be great. Well done on 10,000 achievements and don't give up!

Answer: Thanks for reading

KrYP Xx 3o5 writes: yo i was just wonder if u have gamefly or what and does microsoft suspend u a lot cuz they suspendin my other acc for achievement cheatin but ive gotton them all legit

Answer: Yes, I use gamefly. No, microsoft doesn't suspend me.

Vice Destroyer writes: That's a superb score that you have there. Take a look at my bio. I am giving you a shout-out on there. Carry on gaming.

Answer: Thanks. Shout-out back at you.

DONER KEBAB MAN writes: 1 million Gamerscore? thats 1000 games at 1000 gamerscore each! thats like nearly impossible, but not! Im sure in a few years time though you will reach your goal, if you keep going! Just don't give up man!
2nd message:my friend has a GS of 80000, I can't wait to tell him about you, he'll probaly just give up on the spot! seriously though, good luck, your so lucky your Mrs lets you play so much, my girl hates the damn thing, she calls it my mistress!

Answer: Thanks. I've heard it all before. I've heard "you love that xbox more than you love me" None of my 360's have lasted long enough, so I never got to truely know them. You need a good year for that.

xX T3h Joker Xx writes: hey, can you please add me ? i really like adding people that have high gamerscore. i am autistic, so yea....

Answer: I don't even know what to say.

assass1an177412 writes: Just wondering how can you affored to buy all those games you have and play so much are you like a millionare or something ?

Answer: I don't buy all my games, I use gamefly and goozex. I have spent a ton of money on xbox stuff though, I can't even estimate.

KaibaChaos writes: Hi, I go into this shop in England where this guy claims to be your cousin and apparently you are two people controlling the gamertag. He seemed convincing, can I get a confirmation for this? Thanks for your time :)

: This is classic. I would like to know more about this guy. Any details? Please share. Btw, no. What you should say to him is "if you really have control over this tag, change the motto to"I'm king of the England shop name, bow to me"

Gameslayer14 writes: Excuse me sir, You need to stop playing xbox and go get some fresh ait my fellow gamer! Then you may SOmeday get a woman, GRAND!

Answer: I got me a women homeslice. We like to stay inside, outside smells like your upper lip.

Thunder Twist writes: Hey, just want to tell u are a gamer legend! :)

Answer: That's awesome that you think so. I just like my xbox live and achievements. I would describe myself as dedicated.

SYN Reaper55729 writes: Did you start off trying to get high score?

Answer: Nope. I liked the achievements from the get go. As far as trying for a large score, that grabbed me about 2 months after the system was released.

FuNnYGaMeR93 writes: oh mate i guarantee ur score will be beat cunt

Answer: I love xbox live, it's full of bright eyed and bushy tailed people.

XZYOE writes: Hey. just wanted to say I'm happy you're number 1. Glad to see the gamesavers like JAPAN TOP and BB GUNNER and got caught. Hope to see you break 300k, x360a could use another club. good luck to the million though. I admire you, you're legit.

Answer: Thanks. I hope I break that 300k soonish, I've been slacking.

tbell12 writes:hey bud saw the website, if you want an account to do the seriously glitch id be more then happy to lend you one

Answer: Apparently you did not see my site. I don't roll like that.

xESGxNoSc0pE writes: dude u can do it......**** all of the haters who say ur fat and not legit

Answer: Right on

Militant Moth writes: Dude, WOW, Your ******* better than Knuckles Dawson in ripping gamerscore, Ossom man...

Answer: I rip and I ryhme I rhyme and I rip


  1. I pull out my machete and turn them jokers into cofetti with my rips and rhymes....brb got to make a call, do you have dime?


  2. This is KaibaChaos, since you want more information about that guy I'll tell you about him.

    He had us all fooled including Red Herb (now Dead Herb) who has over 150K Gamerscore. He basically came in and said who he was and we asked him some questions about some games. He seemed to know his stuff because we asked him how to become invincible in Smash TV and he was able to show us, this was something none of us could do. The day he came in was a week or 2 after the release of Yie Ar Kung Fu which is what he was playing in the shop at the time. He told us how the number 1 person on the leaderboard got there, basically by continuously attacking the second opponents projectiles over and over. Apparently he learned this trick from the top person himself, it allowed Red Herb to get the 200K score achievement. Apart from this he was talking about how he didn't want to do X easy achievement game and was going to get he cousin in America to do it. He also told us of how Wednesday was his day off work so he could immediately download the latest XBLA releases. Apparently he had 3 Xbox 360's too so he could play games from other regions.

    I haven't seen him in about a month or two so I don't know when he'll appear in the shop again. I'll be sure to talk to him when/if he does though.

    Good luck with 1Million
    KaibaChaos :)


  4. Yeah, post a pic of your collection, even if it isnt real big.

    Lmao@imposter. Wrong continent douchebag.

  5. Stallion, I must say I'm grateful my XBL and x360a PMs don't get flooded with messages like these. They're amusing to read, as long as they aren't mine =)

    BTW I have my own achievement blog running, which you might want to look at when you're in a reading mood =)

  6. Hey i was curious as to what the second message said so i hit up google translator. turns out that its italian :) and it says

    'hello, I saw you on and I saw your profile player. 270,000 points to take a life is not enough. but how the hell have you done? and the games you have or hire them? XD'

    hope this makes your day :P haha


  7. Good job. I hope you 1K FEAR and FEAR Files someday. It does have some tough achieves and some time consuming ones.

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