Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Worst of 08

The very worst games of 2008

10. Conflict: Denied Ops

There are lots of things that make this one bad. What gets me is playing co-op on easy difficulty is harder than playing it on extreme difficulty by yourself.

9. Disney Sing it

Maybe it isn't such a bad game, but I'm not ten years old. I played this one strictly for the achievements. Good thing it is a quick game.

8. Turning Point

The multiplayer is laggy with two people playing, need I say more? Single player is crap also, the design choices are terrible. If you need help with this game contact Omega Deez, he is the Turning Point Pimp.

7. Smash Court Tennis 3

I love me some tennis games. I like every tennis game that has been released on the 360, even Sega superstars. This one, not so much. It's just a terrible looking and controlling game.

6. Alaskan Storm

This game is the most boring on the list. Imagine driving a crab fishing boat as your real life job, now imagine doing the same thing with your xbox 360 controller. Yeah, not so fun.

5. Hell Boy TSoE

Not much to say besides it's really glitchy with horrible combat. Just grapple would you!

4. NFL Tour

A downgrade from NFL Blitz. It's just way too simple and the funny thing is, this would've been a good arcade game. People really would've said that, higher your standards for arcade games in 2009.

3. Rapala Fishing Frenzy

I can go fishing anytime, I can't kill an army of Locust. DO THE REAL THING.

2. Kingdom Under Fire: Circle of Doom

One of the worst co-op games known to man. This game might have thousands of weapons, but who cares if using them isn't fun? Why does the last level have to look like baby back ribs? Good thing the development team wasn't eating Escargot while creating this game, it would've been a huge slide to the last boss which is a giant meat ball. I can't make this stuff up.

1. Jumper

I expected this much from a fruity Anakin Skywalker. Samuel L. Jackson, you're better than that man. Now that I think about it, you should've just stayed in that sharks belly to save the world for your blond hair. You can run through this game in a couple of hours, but you will not enjoy yourself, guaranteed. That should be quoted on the box.

Worst Arcade Game:
SpongBob UnderPants

Biggest Disappointments:
Mercenaries 2
Brothers in Arms: HH
NBA Ballers
ET: Quake Wars
Rez HD

Notables for worst game:
Alone in the Dark, Summer Athletics, Idol Master, Karaoke Revolution, NFL Head Coach 09, Face breaker, Dark Messiah, Iron man, Fifa Street 3, Americas Army: True Soldiers, Kengo: Legend of the 9, Monster Jam.


  1. Hi Stallion, you must get a lot of messages having such a high gamerscore. I sent a message to your gamertag with a question which I would appreciate if you would answer (here or there is fine).

    I go into this shop in England where this guy comes in claiming to be your cousin and that you share this gamertag to get points. Normally I'd just dismiss it as the person lying but he seemed quite convincing and able to show us things such as the invincibility trick in Smash TV. I was convinced he was your cousin at first. However, upon reading your blog it doesn't sound like it is two people so I was wondering if you could confirm this.

    Thanks and good luck getting 1 million gamerscore :)

  2. Please remove Disney's Sing It from your list. That hurs :(.


  3. Seto

    That guy is just full of it. Pretty funny actually.

  4. Thanks Stallion, it is pretty funny. Not exactly sure what his intentions were.

  5. i totally agree with number 1 and 2, jumper is the worst game ive played the last 5 years, and kof cod is fucking shit aswell, i usually like hack & slay but this is so boring, it dosnt even have a story

  6. Alone in the dark was awesome, shit controls but a great games, so was Spongebob.

    The res are shit thou :)

    - Ruthless

  7. Alone in the dark was awesome, shit controls but a great games, so was Spongebob.

    The res are shit thou :)

    - Ruthless

  8. Awww, I thought REZ HD was so great.

  9. lol DON'T contact Omega Deez for help with Turning Point. Contact Stallion's cousin in England for help.

  10. Mr. Deez, Can you help me out in Turning Point?

  11. I played the Brothers in Arms: HH demo and it sucked. There was no need for me to buy it, but I understand Gamerscore peeps need to play bad pieces to achieve their goals. =)