Saturday, December 6, 2008

Bloggy Bloggerson

The twin (impostor) is no more. He got reset pretty swiftly. Good for him, now he doesn't have to check out my avatars clothing every hour. That wouldn't be much fun.

It's been a slow couple of weeks for me as far as gamerscore gain goes. I've been playing older stuff and trying to get through the snore bore that is Silent Hill Homecoming. Don't get me wrong, it is not a bad game, just not my style. It's a tad slow paced and the combat is dull. I just don't know what to play lately, I think that is my problem. I should just play fallout 3 and get lost in that for a good week.

I want to get my gamerscore completion percentage up a bit higher. 90% before I reach 300k sounds about right. I'm currently at 87.41%. Not too shabby, but 90% is my goal for now. Sadly I'll have to work on some of my sour piƱatas to get that done.

If you have any interest in looking at what I've done on a daily basis from 30,000 to now check this out.


You are the type who loves to score,
not a few points, but more and more
Renting easy kid games from the store,
you know you are an achievement whore.

Playing games all night and day,
you dream of reaching 100k,
displaying your score for all to see,
yet you'll never come close to Stallion83.

When seeking that goal, what can one do,
but load up a copy of My Horse and Me 2,
or play through the shooter that has you seduced,
while you troll the forums for a partner to boost.

If you want that score bad, and don't mind some hell,
go grab your buddies and join a GSL
and pop points till you fall over dead
in your unending quest for more "nerd cred."

But don't blame me if your social life sees a depression,
your sex life a total recession.
Choosing what to play with ever less discretion,
it may be time for a new obsession.

Funny stuff ThrawnOmega

Until next time.

Crackers 'N Cheese
Crackers 'N Cheese
Crackas 'N Crackas 'N Crackas 'N Cheese. *Sing in a Dave Chappelle Voice*


  1. I love the poem so much.. makes me think of myself.. im chasing 100k before years end..

  2. That poem was so touching, it brought a little grease to my eye. Damn that breading...