Saturday, December 13, 2008

Best of 08

The very best games I've had the pleasure of playing in 2008.

10. Lost Odyssey

Granted I've only completed the first disc. This game is HUGE, 4 discs and 60+ hours of gameplay. The story is great and the overall quality is amazing. It really is 4 games in 1.

9. Left 4 Dead

4 player co-op any way you want it with hordes of zombies. Even though it is very short, the layout of the enemies is randomized each time. Great for pick up and play moments.

8. Rock Band 2

If it ain't broke don't fix it. 82 songs on the disc and boatloads of songs to purchase from the store. It has online tour this time too.

7. Burnout Paradise

Smashing and crashing around an open world. It's no Test Drive Unlimited experience, but it is very satisfying. Very very addicting when trying to complete the game 100%. The co-op goals were weak.

6. Fable II

Maybe I enjoyed farting in a little boys face because I never played Fable 1. Just playing around in the fable world is were the game shines. The graphics, sound, and presentation is really great.

5. Grand Theft Auto 4

I enjoyed the story and how it unfolded. The Brucie missions were the best and that was early on, which kinda killed the flow. I loved the new graphics and driving mechanics, but the world as a whole seemed empty. Needed co-op play and better multiplayer.

4. Saints Row 2

More Grand Theft Auto than Grand Theft Auto. The fun factor is off the charts. The story ain't too bad either, considering I thought it would be cheesy. Co-op play is a blast and done right. Multiplayer is slightly better than GTA 4, not nearly as laggy either. The taunts are awesome, buy this game just for the taunts.

3. Battlefield: Bad Company

Single player is not the main attraction. It's the amazing MP experience. The levels are unbelievable, just massive. Killing someone on the other side of a wall by blowing that wall up is nuts. Just adding destructibility to a shooter is a big deal for me. I love this game.

2. Gears of War 2

Co-op campaign is just amazing, I enjoyed every second of it. The amount of stuff going on is unrivaled. Horde mode will be copied by everyone. The multiplayer is all around better, just some glitches holding it back. BETA EPIC!!!!!!!

1. Fallout 3

It's not even close. This game wins hands down. It is better than oblivion. It crushes everything single player wise on the 360. Yes, even Bioshock. I always think of ways that a game could be better. I don't think that way with this one. Maybe it could use co-op, but then again, it is meant to be your world.

Best Arcade game: Castle Crashers

4 player co-op. The art style is fabulous. Good humor and good length. Totally worth the 1,200 Microsoft points.

Best Multiplayer Game: Battlefield: Bad Company

This one was a surprise to me. I thought BF:MC multiplayer was crap. I hated the controls and how it felt aiming. This game has dedicated servers and huge maps. It's more times than not, lag free. Making your own doors is really satisfying, you have to know your surroundings to survive.

Notables: Too Human, NBA2k9, Tiger Woods 09, and Soul Calibur IV.

Some games I missed out on that may have made this list: Mirror's Edge, Dead Space, Prince of Persia, Ninja Gaiden 2, Devil May Cry 4, Call of Duty: World at War


  1. No UT3 or QUake Wars? Now I know your on crack

  2. UT3 was shite dude.

  3. UT3 is great! No game has its FLO

  4. I agree with noticables TOO HUMAN

    That game is very very underrated, its a very fun game, definetely recommend it!

  5. Wait until you get to disc 4 of Lost Ody. The game takes off and starts getting really fun.

  6. dude, fable 2 is way better than burnout paradise!

  7. This is good list, I might have to go play Saints Row 2