Sunday, December 28, 2008

Almost there

While looking through my card I noticed a ton of games that are almost completed. I just need a few achievements . I like moving on to new games, but I do get in the mood to go back and complete my half baked games.

The closer than close list. 1 achievement needed to complete the game 100%

American Wasteland- Complete the game 100%

Japanese version of Import Tuner Challenge-Defeated ???

Smackdown vs Raw 2007- In ring Technician

Jetpack Refueled- You can stop now!

Assault Heroes- Lair Slayer

Live Score Tracker- Log in on a Saturday game

Big Bumping- Mine

Armored core 4- Mission Rank SS

Gyruss- Reaching Earth

Time Pilot- Perfection

Splinter Cell Double Agent-Complete the game on hard

Saints Row 2- 30 online badges

Sonic- Fast Win

Street Trace NYC- 8 player award

Streets of Rage 2- High Score of 800k

Super Puzzle Fighter HD Remix- 7 chain combo

The Club- 10,001 kills

Tiger woods 08- Accumulate 5,000 gamernet points

Unreal Tournament 3- Like the back of my hand

Bulletwitch-Complete hell Difficulty (1 pt achievement) I have two different versions at 999.

Heavy Weapon- Freedom's Last Stand

Paperboy- Complete an easy week

Fifa world cup 2006- Complete all challenges

Catan-1,000 total victory points

Brothers in Arms- Play the game on September 17th

Astropop- Brick Grinder

Bioshock- Brass Balls DLC achievement

Bionic heroes- 100% game completion

Aegis Wing- Ace achievement

Wartech- Play 1,000 ranked games

Forza 2- Earn 1,000,000 Online credits

Those 32 achievement would give me another 32 completed games. I didn't include some games that added content where I only need 1 achievement for the original 1,000 or 200. On top of that, I have even more games where I just need 2 or 3 achievements. Easily 50 games or better.


  1. I, too, missed the Saturday game day achievement in Live Score Tracker, as my xbox was in at the repair center. :(

    A few of those achievements are quite easy, but alot are hard. If this is what you're going to do next, good luck!

  2. My internet was down for the Saturday achievement. Hopefully we get another chance. As far as most of them being hard, the one that would take me the longest would be the fifa 2006. The rest are doable. I suck at soccer games.

  3. The "September 17th"-achievement on Brother in Arms will probably also stay unchecked within the next nine months... Stupid idea for an achviement.

  4. Those last achievements you need in Catan, Gyruss, and Time Pilot are pretty easy. Especially Catan. That is cake.

  5. Here's a great video of how to get the Puzzle Fighter one you need

  6. Some of those achievements look like total pains in the rear. Good luck polishing those off, if you decide to go back. (I would still probably pass on Bullet Witch if it was me)

  7. If you go for the million online credits in Forza 2, my advice would be to repeatedly play the speedway. The track is very easy and you can use high horsepower cars such as the GT40 if the host will allow it. Or you if you boost it, do whatever and play it for a few days. It took me around two weeks of actually playing last year to get it, in game time had to be in the twenty to thirty hour range (I'd have to check to be sure).

  8. If you try for 10001 club kills, your head will explode

  9. Well considering the accusation of cheating in Forza this disproves that whole idea. Why glitch the cars and not something that will take more time?

    Secondly some of the others could be profile glitched and no one would be the wiser. ie. the haters will have to stick to thier old claims...Enchanted Arms,then Bulletwitch, then Forza 2. If the morons were so set on Enchanted Arms why do the claims continue to evolve to a new game?

    Anyway goodluck! Alot are not hard just time consuming, and why go for 50pts here/there when you can get 500 in the same time on a newer game. I think a high 80s completion percentage is respected for being so far ahead of even Zakke Wylde who's percentage is probably in the 70s.

  10. I can help with Aegis wing Ace, need it myself but did 200 on other account.

    Gamertag: C3LL CL4N

    Just let me know.

  11. Thats crazy there man, your one achievement away to completing 32 games, thats how many I've completed in total!

    I can comment on both American Wasteland and 2006 World Cup as I have 1000 on them. Getting that last achievement on Tony Hawk's is definitely possible for most gamers, the only difficulty I faced was doing all of the challenges in Classic which with practise were done. I completed the story on Sick but I think just completing on an easy setting is legit enough. What takes up all the time is the gaps however there is video walkthroughs on how to get them all which makes the task simple. Also there will be tons of people willing to help show you how to get them online (myself included) if you needed assistance.

    All the challenges on FIFA is arguably my best achievement yet and I remember it being a frustrating ordeal. It's only a few of them that are tricky though, the rest are okay. If however you are not good at your soccer games then it may be a challenge too far however I am definitely not the best footie player. The tips on the internet helped me lots when going for the achievement.

    I hope you read this, may help you out sometime.

  12. Thanks for all the tips guys. Very useful information.

  13. I got to many games like that myself that only need an achievement or two more.

  14. Ive got atleast 10-15 games like that dude. Ive completed 46 total lol.

    I get bored easily.

  15. I think i got mine working now mate. woop. Yeah 32 extra completions would be nice. I got so many games that need completing but i keep starting new ones.

  16. I guess I can add scene it: BOS and Gears 2 to this list. Need 100,000 kills and 15 questions about western movies.
    I'm hoping to wrap up scene it quickly. Don't really know about gears though.

  17. Stallion you have inspired me to finish more im working on Open Season now!!! Got that bllody snow level done last night so now its plain sailing. Lol.

  18. For Brothers in Arms, try adjusting your system date to September 17th.

  19. Finish Gears. And be cool like me and do 98,000 kills in one sitting.

    I believe in you.

  20. Good Luck on Gears. Hope you like the Brumak level. I need to finish some of the Classic Goals and the 100% Completion, but I don't I want t all the gaps. Sorry to hear about the Live Score Tracker, I was lucky enough to remember.

  21. goodshit keep it up

  22. For gears 2 do act 1 chapter 4. I wae first in Oz to pop the 1000 for gears 2 and thats how i did it

  23. I've been thinking about Forza 2's "1,000,000 Online Credits" achievement. Maybe some day I will find let's say five people who are ready to let each other win on a long and easy track until each one has 1,000,000 online credits. Maybe never though...