Sunday, December 28, 2008

Almost there

While looking through my card I noticed a ton of games that are almost completed. I just need a few achievements . I like moving on to new games, but I do get in the mood to go back and complete my half baked games.

The closer than close list. 1 achievement needed to complete the game 100%

American Wasteland- Complete the game 100%

Japanese version of Import Tuner Challenge-Defeated ???

Smackdown vs Raw 2007- In ring Technician

Jetpack Refueled- You can stop now!

Assault Heroes- Lair Slayer

Live Score Tracker- Log in on a Saturday game

Big Bumping- Mine

Armored core 4- Mission Rank SS

Gyruss- Reaching Earth

Time Pilot- Perfection

Splinter Cell Double Agent-Complete the game on hard

Saints Row 2- 30 online badges

Sonic- Fast Win

Street Trace NYC- 8 player award

Streets of Rage 2- High Score of 800k

Super Puzzle Fighter HD Remix- 7 chain combo

The Club- 10,001 kills

Tiger woods 08- Accumulate 5,000 gamernet points

Unreal Tournament 3- Like the back of my hand

Bulletwitch-Complete hell Difficulty (1 pt achievement) I have two different versions at 999.

Heavy Weapon- Freedom's Last Stand

Paperboy- Complete an easy week

Fifa world cup 2006- Complete all challenges

Catan-1,000 total victory points

Brothers in Arms- Play the game on September 17th

Astropop- Brick Grinder

Bioshock- Brass Balls DLC achievement

Bionic heroes- 100% game completion

Aegis Wing- Ace achievement

Wartech- Play 1,000 ranked games

Forza 2- Earn 1,000,000 Online credits

Those 32 achievement would give me another 32 completed games. I didn't include some games that added content where I only need 1 achievement for the original 1,000 or 200. On top of that, I have even more games where I just need 2 or 3 achievements. Easily 50 games or better.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Happy Holidays from one achievement whore to many

Wishing everyone a Merry Christmas and a safe and Happy New Years

My Christmas wish: For the Lakers to beat down the Celtics.

I hope everyone gets what they wished for.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Worst of 08

The very worst games of 2008

10. Conflict: Denied Ops

There are lots of things that make this one bad. What gets me is playing co-op on easy difficulty is harder than playing it on extreme difficulty by yourself.

9. Disney Sing it

Maybe it isn't such a bad game, but I'm not ten years old. I played this one strictly for the achievements. Good thing it is a quick game.

8. Turning Point

The multiplayer is laggy with two people playing, need I say more? Single player is crap also, the design choices are terrible. If you need help with this game contact Omega Deez, he is the Turning Point Pimp.

7. Smash Court Tennis 3

I love me some tennis games. I like every tennis game that has been released on the 360, even Sega superstars. This one, not so much. It's just a terrible looking and controlling game.

6. Alaskan Storm

This game is the most boring on the list. Imagine driving a crab fishing boat as your real life job, now imagine doing the same thing with your xbox 360 controller. Yeah, not so fun.

5. Hell Boy TSoE

Not much to say besides it's really glitchy with horrible combat. Just grapple would you!

4. NFL Tour

A downgrade from NFL Blitz. It's just way too simple and the funny thing is, this would've been a good arcade game. People really would've said that, higher your standards for arcade games in 2009.

3. Rapala Fishing Frenzy

I can go fishing anytime, I can't kill an army of Locust. DO THE REAL THING.

2. Kingdom Under Fire: Circle of Doom

One of the worst co-op games known to man. This game might have thousands of weapons, but who cares if using them isn't fun? Why does the last level have to look like baby back ribs? Good thing the development team wasn't eating Escargot while creating this game, it would've been a huge slide to the last boss which is a giant meat ball. I can't make this stuff up.

1. Jumper

I expected this much from a fruity Anakin Skywalker. Samuel L. Jackson, you're better than that man. Now that I think about it, you should've just stayed in that sharks belly to save the world for your blond hair. You can run through this game in a couple of hours, but you will not enjoy yourself, guaranteed. That should be quoted on the box.

Worst Arcade Game:
SpongBob UnderPants

Biggest Disappointments:
Mercenaries 2
Brothers in Arms: HH
NBA Ballers
ET: Quake Wars
Rez HD

Notables for worst game:
Alone in the Dark, Summer Athletics, Idol Master, Karaoke Revolution, NFL Head Coach 09, Face breaker, Dark Messiah, Iron man, Fifa Street 3, Americas Army: True Soldiers, Kengo: Legend of the 9, Monster Jam.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Best of 08

The very best games I've had the pleasure of playing in 2008.

10. Lost Odyssey

Granted I've only completed the first disc. This game is HUGE, 4 discs and 60+ hours of gameplay. The story is great and the overall quality is amazing. It really is 4 games in 1.

9. Left 4 Dead

4 player co-op any way you want it with hordes of zombies. Even though it is very short, the layout of the enemies is randomized each time. Great for pick up and play moments.

8. Rock Band 2

If it ain't broke don't fix it. 82 songs on the disc and boatloads of songs to purchase from the store. It has online tour this time too.

7. Burnout Paradise

Smashing and crashing around an open world. It's no Test Drive Unlimited experience, but it is very satisfying. Very very addicting when trying to complete the game 100%. The co-op goals were weak.

6. Fable II

Maybe I enjoyed farting in a little boys face because I never played Fable 1. Just playing around in the fable world is were the game shines. The graphics, sound, and presentation is really great.

5. Grand Theft Auto 4

I enjoyed the story and how it unfolded. The Brucie missions were the best and that was early on, which kinda killed the flow. I loved the new graphics and driving mechanics, but the world as a whole seemed empty. Needed co-op play and better multiplayer.

4. Saints Row 2

More Grand Theft Auto than Grand Theft Auto. The fun factor is off the charts. The story ain't too bad either, considering I thought it would be cheesy. Co-op play is a blast and done right. Multiplayer is slightly better than GTA 4, not nearly as laggy either. The taunts are awesome, buy this game just for the taunts.

3. Battlefield: Bad Company

Single player is not the main attraction. It's the amazing MP experience. The levels are unbelievable, just massive. Killing someone on the other side of a wall by blowing that wall up is nuts. Just adding destructibility to a shooter is a big deal for me. I love this game.

2. Gears of War 2

Co-op campaign is just amazing, I enjoyed every second of it. The amount of stuff going on is unrivaled. Horde mode will be copied by everyone. The multiplayer is all around better, just some glitches holding it back. BETA EPIC!!!!!!!

1. Fallout 3

It's not even close. This game wins hands down. It is better than oblivion. It crushes everything single player wise on the 360. Yes, even Bioshock. I always think of ways that a game could be better. I don't think that way with this one. Maybe it could use co-op, but then again, it is meant to be your world.

Best Arcade game: Castle Crashers

4 player co-op. The art style is fabulous. Good humor and good length. Totally worth the 1,200 Microsoft points.

Best Multiplayer Game: Battlefield: Bad Company

This one was a surprise to me. I thought BF:MC multiplayer was crap. I hated the controls and how it felt aiming. This game has dedicated servers and huge maps. It's more times than not, lag free. Making your own doors is really satisfying, you have to know your surroundings to survive.

Notables: Too Human, NBA2k9, Tiger Woods 09, and Soul Calibur IV.

Some games I missed out on that may have made this list: Mirror's Edge, Dead Space, Prince of Persia, Ninja Gaiden 2, Devil May Cry 4, Call of Duty: World at War

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

All your messages are belong to me

Ever wonder what it is like being my xbox live inbox? Wonder no more.

Nickspursfan writes: Im going to catch your gamerscore.

Answer: Anything is possible

snake eyez02 writes: Hey man, ive read alot of the grief that people give you about your quest, I think it's cool. I don't understand why everyone is so negative about achievement whoring, its just a hobby, good luck man and keep on keepin on.

Answer: It's just human nature I guess and people will be people. Negative comments just make me laugh.


Answer: The sun'll come out Tomorrow So ya gotta hang on 'Til tomorrow Come what may Tomorrow! Tomorrow!I love ya Tomorrow! You're always A day A way!

Dwights 1337 writes: haha i have more gs in gh2 then u

Answer: I may go hang myself now.This information is just too much for me to handle.

A Deadly Prey writes: Im just curious cos i asked Jvacha-how come u elite hunter- jvacha- st the king zakk wylde and maybe 3 other greats dont compete in shooters?

Answer: I'll forward this to my manager, Don King.

Sly Crime writes: The only difference between me and you is I got caught. I tip my hat to your discreet gamesaving. Godspeed. Might I recommend playing more rather than blogging? Nobody cares about a fatass' daily life...

Answer: Sorry you got reset. Do you need a tissue or somebody to lean on?

Mr BoyFreshness writes: I Love You! Haha No Homo But Need Help In L4D?

Answer: You had me at hello.

o Ti o Xtreme writes: whats ur problem? too busy playing video games to answer my question.whatever get a life u loser

Answer: Sorry to hear it's that time of the month. Can I interest you in a maxi pad?

xX H3ADCOUNT Xx writes:thanks for telling me about, i signed up and stuff, if u can add me on there, and good luck in ur quest toward 1 million gamerscore, and congrats on reaching wat u have now, good luck, and add me if u can

Answer: Your welcome and thanks.


Answer: Check out

EvilMicro writes: realy lovin the site..realy motovating im gettin a second xbox this christmas

Answer: The voice telling you to get another xbox has to be the devil.

The NaME iS MuD writes: congrats on #1 you ******* loser piece of ****. i know you gamesaved ******* liar. you slipped through the cracks now but eventually you will get reset. legit my ass you ****.

Answer: Why so angry? Oh, that's right, you got reset! Thank you, come again.

iCheerio94 writes: Hey Stallion, never thought I'd actually see you, an awesome, legit gamer, number 1 on MGC. Congrats on staying clean, and keep on achieving! P.S. - Cheaters can now kiss your ass :P

Answer: Cheaters are fine as long as they keep to themselves. The crazy fanatical haters are the ones that can kiss my grits.

ITALIAN ROSES writes: youre a god... not human......

Answer: See robo Stallion. I'm no God, that is crazy talk.

Seece writes: Incredible gamerscore buddy! You havn't got 1000/1000 on a lot of games, is that due to having a time limit for each game or do you not go for mega hard/time consuming achievements?

Answer: I have over 200 games completed...Hard to balance lots of score while completing many games. I do the best I can.

J eVeRy DaY 514 writes: congratulations on finally claiming your throne. well deserved!

Answer: Thanks. I need a new throne though. This one needs to be burnt, it smells like rotten cheese and Red Bull.

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Bloggy Bloggerson

The twin (impostor) is no more. He got reset pretty swiftly. Good for him, now he doesn't have to check out my avatars clothing every hour. That wouldn't be much fun.

It's been a slow couple of weeks for me as far as gamerscore gain goes. I've been playing older stuff and trying to get through the snore bore that is Silent Hill Homecoming. Don't get me wrong, it is not a bad game, just not my style. It's a tad slow paced and the combat is dull. I just don't know what to play lately, I think that is my problem. I should just play fallout 3 and get lost in that for a good week.

I want to get my gamerscore completion percentage up a bit higher. 90% before I reach 300k sounds about right. I'm currently at 87.41%. Not too shabby, but 90% is my goal for now. Sadly I'll have to work on some of my sour piƱatas to get that done.

If you have any interest in looking at what I've done on a daily basis from 30,000 to now check this out.


You are the type who loves to score,
not a few points, but more and more
Renting easy kid games from the store,
you know you are an achievement whore.

Playing games all night and day,
you dream of reaching 100k,
displaying your score for all to see,
yet you'll never come close to Stallion83.

When seeking that goal, what can one do,
but load up a copy of My Horse and Me 2,
or play through the shooter that has you seduced,
while you troll the forums for a partner to boost.

If you want that score bad, and don't mind some hell,
go grab your buddies and join a GSL
and pop points till you fall over dead
in your unending quest for more "nerd cred."

But don't blame me if your social life sees a depression,
your sex life a total recession.
Choosing what to play with ever less discretion,
it may be time for a new obsession.

Funny stuff ThrawnOmega

Until next time.

Crackers 'N Cheese
Crackers 'N Cheese
Crackas 'N Crackas 'N Crackas 'N Cheese. *Sing in a Dave Chappelle Voice*

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Double Mint Twins

There is no need to refresh your page or get your eyes examined. What you see is correct. I finally got the #1 spot on mygamercard sometime last week which in all honesty doesn't matter much to me. It lasted a whole 3 days or so. I guess someone thinks it does mean the world to me. They decided to basically copy my gamertag. motto, bio, avatar, the works. Stallion83 with 266k is me, StaIlion83 with 295k is the impostor, notice the capital I instead of an L.

Why is someone doing this? I really have no clue. I do know they cheated somehow, but I don't really know what the original tag was, how many points they had, etc. Theories anyone?

The only conclusion I have is that someone is wasting their time and effort to bother me. Seriously, I could care less. They will be dealt with at some point, then the next impostor will appear. It's as inevitable as another Saw movie.