Tuesday, November 11, 2008

All your messages are belong to me

Ever wonder what it is like being my xbox live inbox? Wonder no more.

druggyjoe3000 writes: Hey i checked out your site looks nice oh have you ever considerd going into the billions i mean 1 million sounds like alot but how excited would you be to tap a billion ? well good luck and if you ever need help hit me up

Answer: Drugs are bad mmmkay

Killswitch6969 writes: you either need to get a life, or you need to stop game saving

Answer: Thanks for the tips

Xbox360TeamLive writes: Your account has been reported stolen. We need to compare your information to see if you are the rightful owner of this account. If you do not reply your account will be suspended.

Answer: If you ever get a message like this, don't reply. People will phish for your information so they can steal your account. Just use your head and you should be fine.

zTempO writes: hi i was just checking out ur site onemilliongamerscore.com and i saw a picture of you on it and i thugt that you would of been a really fat person wat with ur unbelievable score, all i can say is well done!

Answer: I get lipo sucktion treatment on a weekly basis.

SupaLeprekhan writes: You better hope Microsoft prints that many games from the looks of it, You're a long way off. I hope I can buy that many games worth playing Myself, nice score by the way don't give up either.

Answer: 740,000 isn't that much.....

COS33 writes: how is the club listed on your games played twice 4 2 different gamerpoints?

Answer: One is The Club PC, the other is the standard 360.

BroadbandBear writes: I'm sorry, my curiosity has got the best of me. You must have hell of a lot of time on your hands to attempt something like this. So here's my question, why do it? Fortune and glory? Bragging rights? Or simply because you can. Why?

Answer: Bill Gates came to me in a dream and told me to do it. Cliffy B and God were there also.

Shortcircuit 10 writes: man ya hell of a gamer...........i envy those numbers

Answer: I've played a lot of crap games but thanks.

xPOWx Con Man writes: get a life look at your gamer score shitface

Answer: Im rubber you're glue

DarthRevancocoa writes: i guess u dont talk

Answer: Sorry, I don't accept random chat requests.

Cake The Great: i am so ****** envious of ur gamerscore i keep on trying to get a high gamerscore but i always get bored like how do u stay motivated?

Answer: I have just stayed consistent for 3 years. I'm not always a balls to the wall achievement whore.

xen0n gh0st writes: good luck to million points man. and thanks for the link to the trueachievements.com website, its a neat site, im sure it took that person along time to make it..keep up the long hours of gaming!

Answer: Thanks. Glad you enjoy trueachievements as much as I do.

Sadron Mardion writes: Could you possibly help me receive 1000 in a list of games? I am able to give back something in return for your help. example ( 1000 microsoft points for completion of 10 games that are difficult)

Answer: You are barking up the wrong tree. Sorry, can't help you with your goals.

I337 GoDz writes: Wow no life

Answer: XOXOXO

Xx GTA NOOB xX wties: Hope you get to 1 million gamerscore!

Answer: Thanks. Thats the plan.

Dejackamo80 writes: baldy prick, fat asssss mofo!!!!!!!!

Answer: ....................

NOOP POWER TM wties: **** you hacker

Answer: Your moms cooch would make anybody hack.

mastersword92: dude you are awesome plz accept my friend request

Answer: I'm glad you think so, can't accept your friend request because I currently have no room.

JCXStorm writes: just read some of your blog. good luck with the 1 mill :]

Answer: Thanks man

Almgren 92 writes: hello! i seriously give u 25000 Microsoft Points, if u help me with 30000G.

Answer: Sorry man, I cannot help you.


  1. This is Ruthless i cant get it to show my GT for some reason.

    Yeah i get stupid msgs alot but not as many as you. That Algrem 92 is a hacker block comms mate.

    If you wanna do some more on The Club PC hit me up on live ive got a week off now some i can get it done with you.

  2. man that is crazy never thought you would get so many random messages

  3. Man those are some interesting questions and comments, I really don't know how you stand to even reply to them..... on your 360 or here in your blog. Also now that I have crested the 100k barrier my stupid questions and comments have increased. I even received the one about my xbox being stolen......

  4. Wow, the first message is so dumb. Have you ever thought of making family settings that will block messages that are not on your friends list?