Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Your gonna eat lightning, and your gonna crap thunder!

MachiNe Team makes the playoffs in GSL season 4 over at consoleheroes.

MachiNe Team VS Achieves are Crack

Starting tomorrow the semi finals in the head to head gamerscore league begins. Four days of point madness to make it to the finals. It has been a lot of fun so far, but our mission is not complete. In our path is team Achieves are Crack, the best team in the regular season from my point of view. I believe we have what it takes to win, but it will not be easy. HERE is the link to the score page if you would like to track the event.

Teams and Regular season break down

MachiNe Team: 8-6 Record
Total points scored in Regular Season: 56,781
Gamers: Stallion83, Smrnov, Omega Deez, Majinfro, Apple x360a

Achieves are Crack: 11-3 Record
Total Points scored in Regular Season: 60,861
Gamers: Hammer x360a, Molneze, Oo Crashtest oO, x ag3nt pink x, Z z J j

As you can see, we will have our hands full. Hopefully I can kick it into high gear one more time. Go MachiNes!


  1. I seriously watched this tonight.
    This is what I recollect.

    "Take her to the zoo, I hear retards like zoos."

  2. I hate to be so anal but this always bugs me; your title uses the wrong variant of your, it should be you're. Sorry I had to say that.

    But other than that keep up the blog. I like always seeing what your gamerscore is from time to time so it's refreshing to actually see what you're like.

  3. When I try to view the page at

    I only see text: "Max Limitz, you do not have permission to access this page." Maybe the page has been removed or I need to be in the league?