Thursday, October 2, 2008

The Stallion Rules

My view on gaining achievements. What is right and what is wrong in my personal opinion. First off there are the universal rules. It's standard protcol that all respectable achievement whores live by.

  • You cannot use gamesaves, hack your achievements, or swap profiles with other people.

  • You cannot stand-by people or bridge in online gaming.
That's the universial rules as stated in chapter seven paragraph six in the gamerscore bible"How to play by the rules you filthy gamerscore whore"

Here is the best list of gamers around the world who haven't cheated. Universal Leaderboard

The Stallion Rules

  • If your gamertag is over 50k and you have other people gaining achievements for you, it must be made known. If you fail to comply, your gamescore is completely invaild and all bragging rights are forfeited.

  • A few achievements obtained by someone other than yourself is exceptable as long as you admit it. Still, no account trading. Personally, I wouldn't let anyone get a single achievement on my card.

  • Halo 3, Gears of War, Battlefield: Bad Company, Shadowrun and Perfect Dark Zero. You had to at least play one of these without boosting it. If you didn't, what is the point of having xbox live if your not going to use it? I know everyone doesn't like shooters, but if you boosted all these games, you more than likely boost every single game you play. FAIL.

  • If you used the Gun glitch you owe me 1,200 microsoft points and you owe yourself a trip to the hardware store so they can drive a few nails into your skull.


  1. Do you have a life? Do you contribute at all to life outside of video games? IE - have a job or do you just live off state benefits or loath off family members?

    Sickens me because getting that much gamerscore since 2005 would technically require a lot of hours each day.

    Makes me sad to see people aiming so high by wasting their life on video games. You achieve a lot of things by playing video games but all of those or none of those makes not difference to real life.

    Go sort yourself out, get a girlfriend, explore places. You're going to die at some point. Why waste it aiming at pointless achievements?

  2. Jesus, for somebody who goes around judging the shit out of anyone he pleases, you post as 'anonymous.' Afraid of what, condemnation for your ridiculous post? Who are you to say what anyone's goals should be. Stick to your own life and your own goals and let everyone else figure theirs out. Don't be an ass just because you can. Don't be so quick to assume you know people from the little facts you know in the first place, you simpleton.

  3. That Gun glitch RULES! Only played on insane for about 5 mins but I'm guessing going through the entire game on insane is already like getting nails driven into your skull, screw going to the hardware store!

    Well, guess I'll go waste some more of my life getting achievements now. Or maybe I'll, like, explore places on some 15th century shit.

  4. I'm all for the GUN glitch...that game was stupid on insane.

    By the way..thanks for the mention on our Universal Leaderboard. That means a ton.

  5. You better not drive nails in my head. I am doing the Gun glitch for our GSL team =P.

  6. I did Halo 3 and ShadowRun legit, woop woop. Unfortunately I also did Gun legit... It really is like driving nails into your skull.

  7. I don't understand this rule: "You cannot stand-by people or bridge in online gaming." My mother language is Finnish, but a simple English sentence shouldn't be too difficult to understand especially with all the online (and offline) dictionaries, so there must be some insider information I don't know about. =)

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  9. It's acceptable. Not exceptable. Under "Stallion's Rules"

    And these rules are useless.
    Who cares about the Gun glitch?

    "Ooh, I'm legit, ooh, I didn't boost or cheated at all, ooh I got all the achievements myself 100%"

    Ooh, I bet you're lying.

    Way too far to be making a website for this dumb reason.