Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Sour Piñatas

Side Effects: Sour piñatas may cause headaches, nightmares, and a slight decrease in your gamerscore completion percentage. Play with caution or your gamercard may became ill.

Here is my personal collection of Sour Piñatas

Rumble Roses Double X: My score 250 of 1,000

What's the deal? It is not a good game, plus the achievements take FOREVER.

Aquazone: My score: 200 of 1,000

What's the deal? I only know what one achievement is and I have it.

Novadrome: My score 35 of 200

What's the deal? I was expecting some twisted metal action, boy was I wrong. Very crappy game, I get a headache just thinking about it. I might go back to it one day if I get the urge to torture myself.

Over-G: My score 250 of 1,000

What's the deal? How about a game that freezes everytime you unlock an achievement? You lose the planes you are trying to unlock in the process. I will probably never play this again. I have standards....

Moto GP 06: My score 310 of 1,000

What's the deal? There's nothing technically wrong with this game, just wasn't my style. I can see myself going back to this in the future.

Spectral Force 3 Japanese Version: My score: 0 of 1,000

What's the deal? I cannot get any achievements in this game unless I get a Japanese translation or play the american version first. Probably will never go back to this. Goose egg.

Everyparty Japanese Version: My score 320 of 1,000

What's the deal? Don't have the copy anymore. Already played the Asia verison for 50+ hours.

TotemBall: My score 60 of 200

What's the deal? DO NOT EVER PLAY THIS GAME. You've been warned. If you see me playing this, a zombie probably ate my brains.

Call of Duty 3: My score 315 of 1,000

What's The deal? Gears was out, that meant no time to play this. Not as good as COD2. I will go back to it and try for the full 1,000.

WCP All in: My score: 255 of 1,000

What's the deal? I was sick of poker games at the time and I still am. I might one day go back to this.

Guitar Hero 3: My score 250 of 1,000

What's the deal? Rock Band came into my life. This game does have some really hard achievement's though. I will mop up some achievements down the road.

Ridge Racer 6: My score 378 of 1,000

What's the deal? Not a big fan and there are much better racing games i've yet to play. Will go back to one day.

Pimp My Ride: My score 205 of 1,000

What's the deal? Game is the worst on the 360. Play it to get a LOL, then snap it in half.


  1. haha ridge racer 6 is the worst game ever if anyone has 1000/1000 on that game they must be brain dead

  2. I played through WCP: All In and managed to get the 1000/1000, but shortly afterward it seemed like everyone started to get 1000 (I think that someone released a game save or something). Anyways, if you ever decide to go back to it, I could help you out by telling which tourneys give the achievements; those stupid trophy achievements have no description at all...I kept notes on every achievement and I would definitely be willing to help.

  3. Achievement Slave, I fully 1000/1000d Ridge Racer 6 (legit I might add) so I guess I'm brain dead. ;)

    Nah I love my racing games so that was what compelled me to do it.

    Final Fantasy XI is the worst game for achievements as far as I can tell...

  4. Pimp My Ride isn't that bad other than me dozing off every 10 minutes while trying to whore it.

  5. You can now delete that one title you have a zero gamerscore for! The NXE allows you to delete gamer content where no achievements have been earned! This also means you never have to see that gane ever again!

  6. There are websites mentioning the Aquazone achievements (I haven't played it), but I guess you already knew that, but if you don't, see these pages:

    TotemBall is the worst Xbox 360 game I've ever played. Controlling with the camera doesn't work for me well, hands get sore easily, it's not fun, slow tempo, music sucks, etc.