Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Playing Gamerscore

I play Halo, I play Gears, and I play Battlefield: Bad Company. Those calibur games are few and far between. Solution? Play Gamerscore!

A lot of people say, how can it be fun playing those bad disney games? Some people just don't get it. If you see me playing cars mater national, I'm playing gamerscore. Gamerscore is a game within the game, a very large one. While playing gamerscore it is almost impossible to get bored with games, there is always something to play. There is a variety of games and ways you can play gamerscore. Leagues, most gamerscore, best completion percentage, most achievements, and so on. Next time your buddy rags on you for playing Shrek, tell him these simple words. I'm playing gamerscore.


  1. So very true. I just spent four hours over the last two nights playing Blazing Angels' arcade mode 32 times. But I was really "Playing Completion". Hey Stallion, do you own all your games? Have a large Gamefly account? How do you manage/afford it? Keep up the posts!

  2. No, I use gamefly for most of the crap games. I use to buy a lot of games. I don't see the purpose unless it's gears or something I will be playing for monhts.