Friday, October 3, 2008

If gamescore didn't exist

362! Three hundred and sixty two! That is the total number of games I have played on my gamertag. I got to thinking how many games I have played for gamerscore alone. Here is probably what my gamercard would look like if gamerscore didn't exist.

Halo 3, Brothers In Arms, Battlefield: Bad Company, Rock Band , Rock Band 2, Call of Duty 2,Call of Duty 3, Call of Duty 4, Burnout Revenge, Burnout Paradise,Top Spin 2, Top Spin 3, Kameo, Dead Rising, Rock Star Table Tennis,1 Madden game, 1 NCAA College Football Game,Dead or Alive 4, NBA 2k6, NBA 2k7, NBA 2k8, Viva Pinata,Viva Pinata Trouble In paradise, Spinter Cell Double Agent, NBA Street Homecourt, G.R.A.W., G.R.A.W. 2, Lost Planet, Rainbow Six Vegas, Rainbow Six Vegas 2, Virtua Tennis 3, Oblivion, PGR3, PGR4, Street Fighter II, Far Cry, Crackdown, Forza Motorsports 2, The Darkness, Condemned, Bioshock, Stranglehold, Gears of War, Perfect Dark Zero, Turok, Mass Effect, Shadowrun, GTA IV, Army of Two, The Orange Box, Quake 4, Soul Calibur 4, Unreal Tournament 3, Saints Row ,Castle Crashers, and Skate.

56 games total. If my math is correct I have played 206 games for gamerscore alone. I came up with the list by taking my last generation gaming habbits into consideration. Not how good I think the games are now.

I will go one step further and list games I WOULD OF played if gamerscore didn't exist

Braid and Mega man IX

Only two off the top of my head. I would've played both games by now last generation.

More on the flip side of playing games strictly for gamerscore soon.


  1. These NBA games are shit, stallion. I got me four in one week, guess it wouldn't be so bad if it were four in two years :p

    Where exactly do I click to follow?

  2. Dude... you can't not play Braid. It's an easy 185/200 anyway.

  3. Apple,I like the 2k ones and street, always have. I would play online ALL the time. Not sure how you follow.

    Marc, I will eventually play braid just havent gotten to it yet. :(

  4. I wasn't calling your taste in games shit, just that I have a hard time getting into basketball games =P

    I enjoyed what I played of Ballers, is Homecourt the same deal, arcadey and all?

    I finally settled into Live 08 and think I'm getting the hang of not totally hating every aspect of Sim NBA games ;)

  5. how long have you been playing xbox for and how many hours a day?