Saturday, October 4, 2008

300 Bad Games?

In my last blog post I stated that I played roughly 300 games for gamerscore alone. Were they all bad? No, not all of them. Here are some games I became a fan of because my gamerscore addiction had me injecting these into my 360.

Retail=35 games
Tiger woods games, Lego games, Guitar Hero games, F.E.A.R. games, Earth Defense Force, Amped 3, Tomb Raider, LOTR BFME II, Just Cause, Test Drive Unlimited, Def Jam Icon, Dirt, Tenchu z, Assassins Creed, Dark Sector, Sega rally, Overlord, Kung Fu Panda, GRID, Lost Odyssey, Too Human, Scene it?, Frontlines Fuel of War, Viking, and Civilization Revolution

Arcade=22 games
Zuma, Astropop, Worms, Geo Wars 1, Geo Wars 2, Aegis Wing, Heavey Weapon, Pac-man C.E., Carcassonne, Bomberman LIVE, Uno, Hardwood Hearts, Hardwood Spades, Hardwood Backgammon, Boogie Bunnies, Catan, E4, Mutant Strom Reloaded, Mutant Strom Empires, Wits & Wagers, Alien Hominid, Jet Refuelled

That's still around 240 I didn't want to play. I will say though, the other games range from decent, to bad, to craptastical, most being in the former.

At the end of the day microsofts evil plan worked hook, line, and sinker. Even crappy games can be fun when your playing a "meta game."

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