Saturday, October 18, 2008

1 Billion Gamerscore

Someone over live sent me a message about 1 billion gamerscore."have you ever considerd going into the billions i mean 1 million sounds like alot but how excited would you be to tap a billion ?"
I read it, I laughed about it and a couple days later it hit me that it could be possible. I figure if I die or stop at 80 years of age that would be a good life. I mean you're not dead at 80 but you pretty much are, unless your name is Hugh Hefner.

Enter Robo Stallion, the robot achievement whore I plan to make that will carry on the stallion83 gamertag. I plan to make this robot out of xbox 360 stuff. Two american xbox's, one Japanese and one Pal. I will use the HD DVD player as his appendix, because who the hell needs one?

The shell of Robo Stallion

If all goes accoring to plan Robo Stallion will hit 1 billion gamerscore in the year 7025.

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