Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Give me some candy corn

Man, I love me some October. Fall just started so the leafs are starting to fall and bugs are starting to die. It has to be my favorite season of all. Chicks will be trading in thier bikinis for pants and sweat shirts, but that isn't so bad. The more clothing on, the more it leaves up to the imagination. NBA basketball also starts back up later this month and I am pretty pumped up about my Lakers winning it all this year. Yeah, I said it. The gaming smorgusborg is upon us also. Damn it feels good to be a gamester.

Gamerscore wise I will be hitting 250k THIS month. A quarter of a million. 1/4 of my goal. I am inching towards 10,000 achievements also. What's currently keeping me motivated is the gamerscore league I'm participating in over at consoleheroes. It will be no cake walk but I have an amazing team, The MachiNe Team. Which includes gamers: Smrnov, Omega Deez, Majinfro, and Apple x360a. I am riding on their coattails at the moment, which would have to be a coat made up of win, beef jerky and ice cream sandwiches. Whatever the case, they are doing excellent. More info on that later as the playoffs near.

Back to the Lakers for a moment. Back to back titles.

DICE will make the greatest game known to man in the next 5 years.


  1. Dice is making the greatest game known to man right now. Mirror's Edge comes out November 12th.

  2. Hey man. You have to sign up for a blogger profile. I am trying to work on a better solution at the moment.

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  4. I like the sound of a beef jerky ice cream sandwich coat tail.